Diversity Specialism

Diversity Specialists

Since our inception IMP has provided diversity solutions tailored to the investments industry. Our core belief is that diverse teams lead to diversity of thought, and diverse ideas strengthen intellectual capital and ultimately all business practices.

As part of an ever-progressing world, investment management firms are looking to demonstrate diverse thought through having teams made up of high calibre professionals from a wealth of backgrounds. Ensuring that teams are made up of the best minds in the sector, whilst also being representative of a broad range of backgrounds can be challenging for companies. In-house talent teams are motivated to be highly inclusive, but they often aren’t seeing adequate proportions of different candidates at the initial stages of search processes.

As a diversity specialist, IMP addresses this challenge for our clients. We offer a full services diversity solution, working in partnership with investment firms to assess inclusion needs, including peer group benchmarking, industry subsector benchmarking, and engaging diversity specific search projects that meet industry standards for employing fairly and on merit/qualification.

We cover diversity across 3 core areas

  • Management company hires 
  • Board level hires
  • Portfolio company hires


If you are a talent professional or hiring manager looking to discuss workforce diversity,
we would be keen to hear from you.